Articles and Musings
Poems - Mostly Birds
Selected for NAI Regional Workshop, Ames, IA, March 2015

Tilden in a Time of Crisis
Text of a talk given at the National Association for Interepretation Region 5 workshop, April 2014.

A Perfect Egret
Musing about climate crisis and personal ethics.

Curmudgeon's Corner
A selection of articles written for The Buffalo Bull, Newsletter of the Heartland Region (R5) of the National Association for Interpretation

From 1999 through 2001 I wrote a monthly blog - before I'd ever heard the term! - of annotated quotes. Posted on a personal "Paddling Upstream" website, I had very few readers. The archives are posted here. An apology: some would no doubt benefit from updates, which I might get around to one day.
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