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Conservation Biology Reference material for Morton Arboretum class, Winter, 2015
 Definitions - Class 1 Power Point

 Economics, Extinction, Ethics - Class 2 Power Point

 Priorities, Selection, Management of Natural Areas - Class 4 Power Point


Bibliography posted below, after the class outline.

Pre-class reading assingment: Intro & C. 1 of Conservation Biology for All

Headings and highlights, C. 2-3

Class 1

Introduction to Conservation Biology

Brief history of NE Illinois landscape and communities


Define biodiversity

  • Species Concepts – not as clear as it seems

  • Habitat diversity and biodiversity hotspots

  • introduce island biogeography

  • How much diversity is there?


What is “conservation”?

brief historical review

Biodiversity and its value

  • Ecosystem services

  • Environmental ethics

Exercise: Current issues


Class 2

Discuss current issues exercise

Threats to Biological Diversity

  • Habitat destruction,

  • Habitat fragmentation and degradation

  • Global climate change

  • Invasive species (see group exercise)

Conservation at the Population and species level

  • Vulnerability to extinction

  • Problems of small populations

  • In-situ and Ex-situ conservation – where conserve?

Exercise: Invasive species


Class 3

Local Conservation Management

Community conservation

Schulenberg Prairie and Bartel Grassland: history, continuing issues, decision making

Single species conservation

 Barn Owl and Massasagua Rattlesnake  recovery projects

Discuss invasive species exercise

Exercise: Decisions scenario


Class 4

Decisions scenario

Conservation biologists don't always agree

  • SLOSS debate

  • Funding priorities - Contrary ecology

  • additional controversies

Designing, Managing and Restoring Protected Areas

  • Establishing protected areas

  • Networks of protected areas

  • Management and restoration of protected areas




Conservation Biology, Principle sources for this class:


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(Fifth edition, 2012)

Primack, Essentials of Conservation Biology, 2010, is a “fatter” version

Sodhi, Navjot S. and Paul R. Ehrlich, Conservation Biology for All, Oxford University Press, 2010

free download at


Additional selections – of dozens available!

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View this with caution and a very open mind:

Carlin, George, On Environment,